Musings of a hypercondriac #1

Injuries are what I’m known for.

Could be a wrist, ankle, jaw,  you never know. These types of aches are a common occurrence when you’re an unfit netball player. Who needs exercise when you have your trusty ice pack?

Well… most of these injuries are a resulted of THAT sport. It’s probably getting back at me for being lazy.

Anyway, the first injury I have ever endured was in grade 5, I was nine. One friday afternoon, it was the beginning of a sunny netball practice (who puts sport on a friday?) and I happened to walk through the gate at the exact time that this girl thought it would be a good time to throw a netball at my legs and hope for the best.

I attempted to catch this horrid ball but during the time I “tripped” over this girl’s foot. It ended with me on the floor of the court with a sore ankle and (carpet?) burn. The teacher was like “Since it’s not swollen, it must be fine” and told me just to sit out for precaution.

At the end, she told me that it started going purple and suggested that I get ice and go to the doctor. My friend helped me to hop to the reception area of school to get ice. When my mom went to the court to fetch me, she was told that I hurt my ankle.

I guess my mom’s thought process was “If she can get ice, she’s fine,” well that sooo wasn’t the case. She made a doctors appointment just to entertain me. She made me walk into the doctor’s rooms. Nice one mom.

The doctor I saw was one of those old school ones that wears those white lab coats. When I hobble in, the guy says “What’s the problem, a sore throat?” With that, I went for X-rays and discovered I had a broken ankle. I went to get my cast and they advised me to get crutches, I felt like saying “No hey, I’m just going to walk on my cast.” Sassy Jess was released.

We went to find crutches and went home. I spent 6 weeks in that horrid cast in summer with it itching my leg to death but that the daisies for rulers.

Don’t injure yourselves, dear daisies

Jess xx


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