Musings of a hypercondriac #3

(I’ve had a bad day, so this is kind of like a “putting all rant energy into a post” kind of thing) This injury isn’t really anything bone but, more head and neck injury.

In grade 6, I was playing a netball match and I was playing Wing Attack. The first half went badly and we were losing. So sad. Anyway, the first whistle of the second half was when I was struck. Particularly by a netball, the girl hit it straight into my forehead and my head like, flug backwards.

I carried on the game like nothing happened but by the end of the game, I was feeling a little dazed and dizzy, so my mom told me to go to the netball coach who also happened to be a nurse. She did the usual “how many fingers am I holding up” thing. I was like, “No, I’m all chilled” and replied with a solid “3.” Hmm…

I ended up having a case of whiplash and a concussion. It was slightly painful to say the least.

(Slightly shorter post today but all my ‘creative energy’ is dead. Why are exams so cruel!?)

Let your feelings out dear daisies,

Jess xx

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