Musings of a night dreamer

(I don’t have too much recollection about this dream but i remember it roughly) I was near an ocean coast, the weather wasn’t great but for some reason all the dolphins were kawai and had huge eyes with diamond things shining from them and the dolphin skin was rainbow (Gay Pride dolphin?) but anyway, we ended up on a boat. This boat travelled far into the sea and we saw this giant wave but the wave turned out to be a megalodon shark (prehistoric, huge, mythical shark) ate the boat but … it didn’t.

We all appeared on the sand and carried on like nothing happened. A few of my friends showed up and we walked along a road only to find a book. We went all Pretty Little Liars on the book and thought that it was a clue and idk, we kind of ditched that idea. We carried on walking with this green book and we saw my school’s cafeteria (it’s basically a room with colourful tables & chairs and a microwave). An intese hip-hop class was being taught in the class and there were shirtless guys and really short girls, all wearing black.

Suddenly all my friends started choreographing a dance and one wasn’t keeping up and it was quite comical really, she was just clicking and swaying in the background. *END*

Well, that’s when I woke up, dear daisies

Jess xx