Strange Occurances

A strange but slightly comforting thing happened two nights ago.

I went to sleep my normal time that night with the help of cough medicine and antibiotics along with my nightly muscle relaxants. Everything was fabulous, it was raining outside (my favourite type of weather) and my bed was nice and warm. I was asleep for a good 5 hours when I heard a sound in the house and my immediate reaction was that people were trying to break in – and that is when I started to panic.

Clearly that wasn’t the case after 5 minutes of lying dead still. My bedroom is next to our indoor pool and at 2 o’clock in the morning, the pool pump decided to turn on and in my opinion, is creepy in itself. After a while my heart rate didn’t decrease whatsoever and was still scared sh*tless. I then turned to my right side and saw this floating ball of pink energy. Some may think this is ridiculous and so did I at one stage but I saw this floating energy ball and for some reason my mind felt sane again (even after seeing a non natural thing, ironically). All fear that I had previously, was in no sight and neither was this pink energy ball.

It was there for a good 20 seconds then left. Those 20 seconds peaked my curiosity and safety. I can’t say that I don’t believe that supernatural things occur to other people, but for me it makes me feel safe and like someone is watching out for me. Cheesy, I know but I feel slightly relieved, sometimes you just feel that people don’t quite look out for you as you hope but knowing there could be just makes me quite happy, as weird as that sounds.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to believe dear daisies,

Jess xx

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