Musings of a Night Dreamer #2

Haven’t posted in awhile, well I guess I haven’t been having vivid dreams in a while. Until now. By the way

This dream was particularly disturbing. I have a love for vintage stores, the real deal and this clearly showed up in my dream. First “scene” was in a forest, there was this vintage costume shop that I wanted to go to, apparently with Ruby Rose accompioning me. It was more like a wendy house with nobody there for us to buy anything. After that, we went up a hill and what happened on that hill is slightly hazy but next thing i know, we’re going down a path on the hill and the costume wendy house slightly below the ledge to the left. This is all still in a forest.

Suddenly I was riding uncontrollably down this path, straight into this wendy house. I have no idea what happens after that but the “scene”changes.

I end up being in a Hummer with Kardashian esque YouTube beauty gurus in an underground parking of a hotel. In Dubai. I think there were 4 Kardashian beauty gurus and we all went up to a room and we were all doing something.

We all got ready to go out and the last thing I saw before leaving the room was my Apple Mac at the top of the mini-bar. We all left the room and one of them locked the door and noticed a card at the bottom of the door, It said that we should hide our valuables and take caution to sleeping on any sheets, pillows or eating any of the complimentary chocolates because there was a gang going around pretending to be staff. They steal valuables and poison pillows, sheets etc with an orange powder.

I was really freaked out and hid my Mac underneath the bed. I went outside and they were gone, so I went back inside the room and there was a man who looked like Barbie from Under the Dome and a little boy who said he was the other guy’s brother. Suddenly we (Barbie and I were forced to be tied to the bed with hands ties, like in the movies, nothing kinky).

The gang broke in the room and a powder/spray was being blown into our faces and it kind of felt like what I’d think mustard gas would feel like. I blocked my nose and held my breath until I got to the window. Until then, it was like I was watching myself, like watching a movie but then it was like I was the actor in the movie.

I turned around from the window and the little boy had this hose type thing pointing at Barbie. He started telling Barbie that he hated him etc, the typical revenge speech. He started to say that if he punishes himself, it would hurt Barbie the most, so he sprayed himself with acid and all i remember is screaming.

My dream ended with a severely burned Barbie testifying and that’s it. I woke up very traumatised. Sweating and everything.

Not my best post Daisies

Jess xx